We created this premium agave wine to enjoy our favorite drinks all day long. Serve chilled, on the rocks, or in a margarita. Ola Sol is the perfect drink under the sun. From our beach to yours — ¡Salud!

Made with half the calories & alcohol vs. tequila, Ola Sol is a delicious agave wine that delivers the same tasting notes as tequila, but with a sweeter & smoother finish.
24% ABV
30 calories/oz

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Ola Sol benefits

We are currently self-distributed in Southern California and soon to be available nationally online.

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Silver Medal at the 2023 San Francisco International Wine Competition

The San Francisco International Wine Competition is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. By winning the Silver Medal, Ola Sol has demonstrated refinement, finesse, and complexity.

Ola Sol benefits

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The NEW skinny margarita

Ola Sol benefits

At our farm in Jalisco, Mexico, we harvest 5 year old Tequilana Weber Blue agave (the same as tequila!) and cook it for seven hours, fermenting the resulting juice for 72 hours in stainless steel. We fortify the wine with 10% agave brandy, to finish our agave wine.

Q: What's the difference between Agave Wine & tequila?
A: Both agave wine & tequila are made in Jalisco, Mexico from the blue weber agave plant. To create agave wine, the agave is fermented instead of distilled, creating a liquid that is lower ABV, slightly sweeter, and classified as a wine, not a spirit.

Q: How is Ola Sol different from other agave wines?
A: Ola Sol is the cleanest, highest quality agave wine on the market. Unlike other agave wines, we extensively filter ours to create a crystal clear blanco without adding any sulfites, sugars, or other additives. Our wine is certified vegan, non-GMO and gluten free.

Q: What other sustainability practices does Ola Sol follow?
A: Our farm in Jalisco, Mexico composts the residual agave fibers back into the soil, so nothing is wasted. We employ water conservation measures and restrict our pesticides to only all-natural ingredients. We hire locally from the Jalisco community, guaranteeing a living wage and job security throughout the harvest.